NEW Smash Ringtail Cat

NEW Smash Ringtail Cat is a reboot of the original game from 2018 with an all new engine and brand new graphics! 

NEW Smash Ringtail Cat is available now on PC, macOS and Android via Google Play!

NEW Smash Ringtail Cat is a 2D Action-Platformer video game created by Glass Seastar. Experience an all new original story where an animal species known as the ringtail must stop a glitch making villain from taking over the world!

Follow Smash, his girlfriend Ava, and his friend, Bash on an adventure to put an end to the destruction of the world! If that wasn't enough to worry about, starting with a kidnapping, some crazy and serious events starts to affect every character. With his world acting somewhat weird and glitchy, help Smash fight his way to victory and become the ultimate glitch annihilator!

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